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AFK with Bomb! Think of your team!
Pr0t0typ3 Föreningsmedlem
20 jul 2020 , Redigerad 20 jul 2020   #0
I probably do some mistakes in the game, especially with maps I'm not so familiar with.
But this one here I feel might be a bit unfair.
I got 3 pretty fast warnings. First one was when I was not so far away from the player with the bomb that was planting (planted?). The warning popped up as I was about to shoot..
Second warning I'm not sure why, but I was hanging a bit in the background with an overview of the bomb-site. Maybe passive gameplay?
3rd warning I think must have been a mistake as I was just a few meters away from bomb-site with the bomb, but got shot just as I was on my way to plant it.

As the rules say I must assist and follow the bomb, I feel I do so, but am i playing too defensive at times? Normally I just rush to get killed, but on T I must wait to see where the bomb is going on the radar. Especially on maps I'm not to familiar with. This was on de_falcon btw..
And I'm probably not the best player out there at all :P
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fury69 Speladministratör
24 jul 2020   #1
Hi, Penguin gave you the ban so he can give you more input since I wasn't playing at the time.

However AFK with bomb is a big NO NO on GG since it ruins it for the whole T-team.

According to the bans you have received it looks like you just need to think a bit more of assisting your team with the mission. Think more that as a team you will win and you will do your best to assist with that, not just focus on your own. As a Terrorist make sure that you aren't always behind your team, also help in the front of fire. Keep on playing and have fun helping your team at all times. (no solo play, spectator when afk and so forth)
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Penguin Föreningsmedlem
26 jul 2020   #2

What Fury stated is the reason for the ban. The ban was 15 minutes, it is now in the past. I'd recommended to move on (I think you already have) from the incident and keep the learnings.
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